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Typing Assignment #2: Why Typewriters? —

# # # Here’s my homework for Typing Assignment #2, in which Joe asks participants to “write a one-page essay on what you find unique and/or valuable about using typewriters as writing tools.” I wrote mine on my ca. 1937 L.C. Smith & Corona Standard, one of my favorite machines for long-form writing because, like […]

Typing Assignment #1 —

# # # Joe Van Cleave recently launched a new series called Typing Assignments, in which he invites Typospherians to flex their typing muscles on fun short writing assignments. This is my homework for Typing Assignment #1, which is “to anthropomorphize your typewriter and have it describe how it “found” you, and how it feels […]

A Little Field Trip for my S&C Standard —

Tomorrow I’ll be staffing the Maryland Writers’ Association table at the Baltimore Writers Conference. And I just found out that Gary Lester, my old cohort from my days at Channel 37 will be able to make it too. That will be nice. We used to staff the MWA table at various conferences around the state, […]