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"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

Happy New Year, Release 2.0

Happy New Year, Release 2.0 - 1

Happy New Year, Release 2.0 - 2

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  1. TCWriter says:

    Couldn’t you back off on the creative energy a little? You know, show a little solidarity with those of us with young kids (and therefore crippled by an appalling lack of sleep and energy)?

    • sottovoce says:

      Sorry about that, I’ll try to be more considerate of the neighbors. Here I am tromping around at all hours of the day and night, making all kinds of racket…

      I’ve found myself doing something I haven’t done in over two years: outline an actual story. (*Gasp*) The novelty of actually, once again, being creative on my own dime hasn’t quite worn off yet.

      How goes your writing?

      • TCWriter says:

        How goes your writing?

        Think the part about my crippling lack of sleep should provide a clue.

        Still, I’m slowly writing my way into more editorial work — while keeping some of the paid-for gigs going. Now that I’m doing most of the kidcare and all of the cooking (and car repair, and pet bodily fluid cleanup, and…), time is tight.

        • sottovoce says:

          I hear you, man, I hear you. I’m fortunate that Mrs. SV and I only have a couple of low-maintenance cats to take care of. Even so, we’re both feeling pretty stretched out most of the time. I can’t imagine what it’s like being a parent on top of it. I won’t try any platitudes like “Hang in there!” or anything. But I can say: Don’t give up!

          Here’s a story idea: in a future where current workloads have continued growing exponentially, people are forced to clone themselves in order to be able to get everything done.

  2. TCWriter says:

    Clones? Maybe for spare parts. I think un/under-employment (driven by automation) will drive our dystopia.

    As for giving up, I have been idly turning over an idea for a thriller (which is odd, given my largely pacifistic nature). I am being held back by the thought of my sweet, innocent six year-old asking me what I did today, with me explaining I finally cracked that scene where the drug cartel man tortures and beheads an informant.

    Perhaps a children’s book then.

    Most children’s books are pretty poorly written to the point I routinely edit them while reading them. Know any illustrators?