Sotto Voce.

"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire


Modern Times Cha-cha-cha

Generate PowerPoint on-the-go
Constantly renovate this-and-so.

How do we dissipate energy?
Why do we disregard luxury?

Turbocharged. supersized, feel the heat
Leveraged, bankrupted, time to cheat.

How do we educate tactfully?
Why don’t we cogitate blissfully?

Synergized, (in)centivized, take your pill
Solution pollution is the ill.

Fall: Weight, Wait

Cool east wind draws out the night and brings school
A strange sort of peace as I yield the flesh
But not mind and heart, kept safe as my own
And tear in two the fresh whole, three months young
Peace as I hope for grace like Christ once felt
Try to bless the beasts as I give my flesh
Chant the faith that the choice was mine to make
Dead weight of bones I bear, wait out the year
Mind and heart safe, keep in mind the high cost
And wait the wind that brings long days to heal.

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