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"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

Finding the Story

Finding the Story - 1

Finding the Story - 2

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  1. Teeritz says:

    By all means, hang in there. Writing, like any skill, is a muscle which requires use in order to stay strong and flexible. Career-wise, I’m nowhere near in the same boat as yourself. At the tender age of 48, I’m back studying with a view to a career change, and my screenwritings and fictions have had to take a backseat to school assignments. However, as long as I have a laptop and/or typewriter, or even pen and paper, I know that the writing will be there ready to be tackled again when life calms down a little and settles back into some kind of routine.
    As for lack of inspiration, try writing a poem or song. Start small, start corny. Big deal if it sucks. Nobody’s gonna read it if it’s crap. Think of it as getting back into training for the good stuff. Whenever I get back into writing, I find I write a lot of garbage before I write anything that I’m happy with. ‘Cos it’s like a muscle.
    Good luck, but take it easy and treat yourself kindly.

  2. sottovoce says:

    like the muscle analogy. Thanks! I shall take your advice and start small and corny. It’s a good place to begin!

  3. TCWriter says:

    MWA? In any case, welcome back. It’s been lonely serving as the only sane blogger in the writing space.

    Good luck with the next project. Whatever it is, I hope it’s fun.

    • sottovoce says:

      MWA = Maryland Writers’ Association. I’ve been doing my best impression of a board president for the past couple of years.

      Thanks for the welcome back. I’m looking forward to some more good conversations. I think I still have a few shreds of sanity left…