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The Disconnect

Sotto Voce: The Internet is Fluoridating Our Precious Bodily Fluids The Neil Postman Information Page The New Yorker: Hollywood and Vine

The Disconnect - 1

The Disconnect - 2
The Disconnect - 3
The Disconnect - 4

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  1. Richard P says:

    I’m willing to admit that interesting stuff can happen in six seconds … but intelligent *reflection* on anything interesting certainly needs much more time, and I know that anyone who types four pages of thoughts on any topic must agree. Microbursts of infotainment are becoming the *primary* form of consciousness for many people, hooking them on a subrational level, substituting trendiness for real insight.

    • sottovoce says:

      Agreed! I’d like to think that ultimately these microbursts will prove to be as harmless as (or else no more harmful than) comic books and reruns of old Warner Brothers cartoons (with their racist jokes and crude ethnic stereotypes) were for our generation, but we won’t know for sure until today’s kids come of age.

      Will they leave those things behind, or will they take that frame of reference with them into adulthood? I hope for the former but fear the latter, especially since the kinds of infotainment they will find waiting for them when they reach adulthood is pretty much the same as what they saw as kids, only longer and with better production values…