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I’m Shocked, Shocked

I'm Shocked, Shocked - 1
I'm Shocked, Shocked - 2

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I agree- that flap was completely idiotic. The media is clearly schizophrenic about Barack Obama and doesn’t know how to have a sense of humor about him. They have no idea how to treat him like a regular politician– which includes heavy satire– due to discomfort about his race. It’s pathetic.

  2. sottovoce says:

    Holy cow, that has to be the fastest post-to-comment time I’ve ever had on one of my blogs! That must mean — gasp — at least one person has *subscribed* to this thing? I find myself utterly humbled and at the same time somewhat concerned about your sense of taste. 😉

    Should Fortune decide to smile once again upon this land, and grant us in November not the President we deserve but the President we *aspire* to deserve, it would be such a cosmic, soul-refreshing relief to have as our national representative a man who can speak in entire sentences — paragraphs, even — and who can articulate a coherent line of reasoning and engage in actual dialogue with other people.

    “Obama: Coherence for America.”