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Tap Tap, Is This Thing On?

Well, here is my first iPod touch posting. What do you call this? Pod-blogging? Sounds a little too much like podcasting. One thing for sure — it’s a lot harder to type this way, one finger (thumb) at a time. I seem to actually type faster and with fewer errors using just my right thumb, for what it’s worth.

Here’s an idea — Dvorak keyboards for IMing! While Dvorak hasn’t edged out qwerty when multiple fingers are involved, I bet it would be way more efficient for two- and even single-digit typing . . .

I never really paid attention to Dvorak until, well, yesterday. A colleague asked me on Friday about the “great Dvorak-qwerty debate,” which had come up at a workshop we were attending. So in searching for a good summary of the debate, I got a crash-course in the theory behind Dvorak and liked what I was seeing. I think it’s a solution in search of a problem, and in tiny keyboards the right problem may have at last come around for it.

Well, here’s one serious problem with pod-blogging — no down arrow! If the text goes below the fold and you do an intermittent save, there’s no easy way to get to the bottom of the post. So, either I keep posts short (considering how long it takes to type this way, not a bad proposition) or just don’t manually save . . .

Or ask Apple to add arrow keys?


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