Sotto Voce.

"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

Tuesday is Off to a Good Start

I am over here.

Now I am back over here.

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  1. T. Munk says:

    First to comment on the official inaugural post that coined the term “Typecasting”! 😀

  2. Nick says:

    Interesting random thing… September 2005 was about the time I got my first manual typewriter! Too bad I wasn’t typecasting from the start. D: I started this year finally.

  3. sottovoce says:

    Wow, it’s nice to see you all here! It feels like I should put up a historical marker that says “On this spot in 2005 … ” 😀

    I’m feeling inspired to get typecasting again. It’s great to see how the typosphere has continued to grow and prosper.