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Bakelite, Enamel, and NaNoWriMo

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  1. CStanford says:

    You’re right about black enamel. I have fond memories of my grandfather’s black-enameled binoculars that my dad would let me use on camping trips.

  2. Mike Clemens says:

    NaShoWriMo, perhaps? I won’t try to talk you into the 1,667 daily word count — it’s about personal goals after all, and being able to say that “I did that” whatever “that” may be. There were certainly days when I struggled with meeting the quota with my laptop, obsessively running word count at every full stop. I’m looking forward to the no-safety-net experience this year. Since I am not a career writer, my personal expectations are very low, so I’ve promised myself not to become encumbered with worry about niceties like “spelling” or “sensible grammar.”

  3. Alan says:

    My new Dad job will probably prevent me from fully participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I may set myself a smaller goal, as you are (though maybe not *that* small; maybe a 10-20k short story goal.) Last year, I OCR’d my typed pages to calculate my word count; this year, I may just measure my progress in pages. Say, a page a day. If I do more, super. If not…oh, well.

    I’d totally buy one of those bakelite iPods. When I was a kid, my dad gutted an old wall telephone–you know, the kind with a big speaking-tube in front and separate piece you hold to your ear–and turned it into a radio. The operator crank became the tuner. I’m tempted to update his concept for the mp3 generation. I’ll call it…the iPhone!

  4. sottovoce says:

    @ CStanford — I’ve never seen enameled binocs; that must have been beautiful! Did it have a leather neck strap with the little metal buttons on the ends too? I have two old Esterbrook enamel-coated ceramic pen holders on my desk now that have that same “gravitas.”

    @Mike — It sounds like you’re taking the right approach to NNWM; personal goals are what matters most! I’ll try to remember your sound advice when the pressure starts mounting as the month wears on, as it no doubt will even if I keep reminding myself about the low-set bar…

    @Alan — Hmmm. page counts might actually work better for typecasts; it seems like a more natural “unit of measure” for this particular format. Especially if I have lots of short, choppy dialogue each in its own paragraphs… 😀 And please send me pix if you ever build your Amazing Music Generating Electro-Telephonic Device.