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"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

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Announcing “Channel 37!” —

Inspired by my friends, I’ve decided to launch a dedicated blog for my serial SF fiction. Henceforth, The Terror from the Other Dimension! and the other serials and shorts that are percolating in my creative subconscious will be appearing at Channel 37, which will be bringing you “Serial Science Fiction from the Distant Reaches of […]

From the Sotto Vault: BSG Haikus —

Sorry, loyal fans of The Terror From The Other Dimension! (all four of you), the serial will return tomorrow in its regularly scheduled blog slot. I and Mrs. Sotto Voce have been moving our two Sotto Kitties and all our accompanying Sotto Gear from the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore (motto: “I See Drunk People”) to […]

What’s Old is New Again —

Recycling is cool as well as socially responsible, right? So I’ve been busy moving over old posts (all of 2007 to the present are now up) and more recently I’ve been creating new pages with the sidebar content from the old site. This morning, I found a great quote that I wanted to add to […]

Welcome to Sotto Voce Reimagined —

You can still find the original Sotto Voce at its traditional home. Over the next few (…), I will be moving the old site’s content — entries and sidebar posts — over to this blog. In the meantime, the rule is: new stuff here, old stuff there. I’ll be posting the old entries with their […]

New Essay —

A short piece based on something that happened this afternoon on the way home from lunch. In the “Essay” section.

Received Wisdom —

Today I posted a selection of quotations from some of the fiction and nonfiction books and periodicals that I’ve read over the years. They appear in roughly the order that I encountered them, and you’ll probably see some evolving themes that are reflected in other writings on this site. Many of these pertain to specific […]

Introducing Sotto Voce —

The first expressions I am offering up are “The Tutorial School Dispatches,” four essays that I wrote for my mentor Richard Testa, the co-founder of The Tutorial School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I stayed in touch with Richard from my graduation in 1986 until his death in September 2002. I wrote these essays in […]