Sotto Voce.

"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

Introducing Sotto Voce

The first expressions I am offering up are “The Tutorial School Dispatches,” four essays that I wrote for my mentor Richard Testa, the co-founder of The Tutorial School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I stayed in touch with Richard from my graduation in 1986 until his death in September 2002. I wrote these essays in 2000-01, in the hope that Richard would share them with his current students and thereby generate an ongoing e-mail conversation. Well, that never happened, but the essays do reflect the shaping of some ideas and concepts that have turned out to be very important for me.

  1. Cause and Effect
  2. Ritual and Relationship
  3. Cognicentrism
  4. Organizations, Authority, and Compassion

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