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Things Worth Getting Up Early For

Well, as you can tell, the plan to live-blog Balticon yesterday didn’t work out. There was a hotspot — ETWireless — but it wasn’t connected to anything. I guess you could say that I couldn’t phone home with ETWireless. . . .

I hate getting up early on the weekends, especially both days. But yesterday was for Balticon, which was a blast, and this morning was to go to the broom-closet studio of Umbrella Radio up the road from Cafe Hon in Hamden, to record an installment of “Arts on Air” hosted by my friend Ian “The Sign Guy” Hochberg and featuring Chris Stewart of the Write Here, Write Now workshops and Gregg WIlhelm of the CityLit Project. I haven’t been on the radio since college days and I really enjoyed the opportunity to share airtime with such talented folks.

If you’re interested, tune into Umbrella Radio at the link above this Thursday at 3:00 Eastern to hear our program. Rumor is we might be invited back to do a regular literary chat segment with Ian, which would be worth getting up early for on weekends.

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