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Star Trek: The Motion Picture … in One Minute

Something I whipped up this evening in response to a recent discussion in the Facebook group of the Star Trek TNG podcast “The Greatest Generation.” The topic was a 20-minute fan edit of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. One of the participants raised the question: Is it possible to make a fan edit of the movie that’s even shorter?

My response: Hold my beer:

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  1. Steve K says:

    For a great musical tribute to Star Trek, I recommend GNDN (Goes Nowhere Does Nothing) from the I HEART CALIFORNIA album by Admiral Radley (Jason Lytle of Grandaddy lore and others) 😉

  2. MJ Lazun says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  3. TCWriter says:

    I’d have been *really* impressed if you said you’d made that in a minute.

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