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“One Percent Inspiration” — a Typewriter Insurgency Story

Over on Channel 37, I’ve just written an allegorical short story in the style of The Twilight Zone called “One Percent Inspiration” about a typewriter repairman who wakes up one day in a world that has forgotten about typewriters — and who discovers that someone out there wants him to forget, too:

Now, this kind of thing went on for several years. I would fall asleep and some amazing technology that I remembered would be removed from the world, and everyone would be getting along just fine, as if everything had always been like this. But other technologies would still be there — electricity, fans, lights, things like that. (These words probably don’t mean anything to you now, I bet.) And typewriters.

See, if I was some kind of really smart guy I could probably reinvent each of these things myself and get all the credit and the money for them, but all I know is typewriters. I don’t know how a radio works beyond you turn a knob and sounds come out. So I couldn’t build one to save my life. Or to become rich and famous. Like I said, all I know is typewriters. So I just kept my head down and made do, sometimes lying awake at night wondering if I was really just going crazy.

Then I met Horace.

I hope you enjoy my story!

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  1. Ken Coghlan says:

    That was absolutely fantastic! I really really enjoyed reading that little story. A very interesting concept, and it really appeals to me and what I write and read. Do you have anything else in this vein that you could share?
    Good luck with your writing!

  2. Ken Coghlan says:

    Clicked on your name on the Channel 37 website and found some other stories. Awesome. Any in particular that you recommend?