Sotto Voce.

"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

Instant Gratification

You gotta love the Internet. There I was writing, listening to Musical Starstreams (I write better to so-called “ambient” music) when I hear, as backdrop to a song, the unmistakable voice of Alan Watts giving a lecture (For those who are interested, the song was “I Know That I Know” by Capsula, on the compilation Chilling Goddess).

Well, in it he riffs this absoutely great limerick that just goes right to the heart of my TTS dispatch on cognicentrism. So after a quick Google I find the text of the limerick, copy it, paste it in the dispatch (with proper attribution, of course), and post the tweaked file — a wonderful connection made possible by the people who live and share in the wonderful Internet Commons.

I hope you find my little “value-added” contribution a fair return of the favor.

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