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"Qui plume a, guerre a." — Voltaire

Pen to Paper

Even though I have been writing a fair amount lately, it’s in a different format — pen on paper. I have a thing for fountain pens, though I am not a “collector” in the same sense that I used to collect coins and lapel pins (by the bushel). I have only a few and I rotate them in and out of daily use. None of them are particularly rare or valuable, but they are all wonderful writers. Except, possibly for the Rotring 600, a solid-brass behemoth which looks like it was designed to pry open car doors at accident scenes.

Anyway, I recently purchased a Parker 51 Vac-filler from the market board at Pentrace, and it has been such a joy to write with that I find myself constantly jotting down ideas, thoughts, and extended rambles of all kinds on any paper surface I can find — the ubiquitous Ampad yellow legal pad is the handiest surface. I actually look forward to writing bills because I can use my recently reconditioned Parker Vacumatic.

It should be obvious by now that I have a thing for Parkers.

So I’ve been busy writing, even though it hasn’t been in electronic format. And since transcription is boring and scanning is fun, I may start putting some of those notes up here as graphics.

Be warned: my penmanship would never have been approved by Sr. Bernadette at St. Anne’s School in Bristol. Fortunately for me, she was not the type to whack knuckles.

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