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New Journal Coming

I got out of the habit of writing a morning log on my laptop a few months back. It had started out being a very useful exercise, but it was becoming forced. When the iBook had its near-fatal seizure and I ended up losing about six months’ worth of logs, that proved to be the final straw.

Recently I’ve found myself missing the activity, though. But since I spend all day on the computer, I don’t feel the need to see it first thing in the morning. (It’s bad enough I see it just before going to bed most nights — like tonight!)

So I’ve bought a journal. It should be arriving Thursday. I’ll keep it on the bedside along with my Parker Vacumatic. Pen to paper is a much more relaxing way to write in the morning. I could have just used my ubiquitous yellow legal pads, but that’s not the right medium for this sort of writing.

I also keep a “philosophical journal” (where the “Diary Entries” at left are taken from) for stuff that’s more consequential, or at least more developed, than what appears in the morning log. Up until now, the other big difference was that one was in electronic form while the other was pen to paper. But since even that distinction is going away — to the point of using pens filled from the same bottle of ink for each — the disinction will disappear as soon as I finish filling the current “philosophical journal.” At that point, the morning log will assume the duties of both. So expect to see scans from the new journal here on occasion.

Thinking things through like this is important to me.

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